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Just a quick note to let you know that the Land8 Blog has moved over to  We wanted to connect the blog to the conversation that is already happening on Land8 and create a more seamless …

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In the second interview of our Member Spotlight series we are sitting down with Gavin McWilliam.  Sir Gavin hails from the UK where he runs his award-winning garden design garden design practice with Andrew Wilson, Wilson McWilliam Studio.  …

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Summer Umbrellas by Patrícia Almeida

Suspended in mid-air, these umbrellas hang over the streets in Águeda, Portugal casting a mix of colorful hues down on the promenade.  The photos were captured by Patricia Almeida with iPhone and, I am assuming, a handy-dandy Hipstamatic lens.  Here …

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Giving a speech at the beach made for a fun photo.  Don’t look too hard.  It may make your head hurt.  :)

Found via enpundit

Also on BuzzFeed and Reddit

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This is the first interview in our member spotlight series and we are kicking things off with an interview with Pocco Kobkongsanti.  (You can call him Pok for short.)  Pok has been a member since the early days of Land8 …

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