Take a Stroll in the ‘Tunnel of Love’

Located near the town of Kleven, in the dense forests of eastern Ukraine, this natural tunnel has been formed over many years by a passing train.  The 3 kilometer (1.86 mile) line is actually a private railway that delivers wood to a local fibreboard factory three times a day.

Locals call it the “Tunnel of Love” and find the luscious green pathway perfect for a romantic stroll, photography, and to make a wish together – local tradition says that if a couple is sincere in their love, then there wish will come true.

Tunnel of Love

The real charm occurs in Spring when the deciduous trees lining the railway leaf out to form a brilliant green canopy.  The leafy enclosed arch over the track bursts into a bright green show of arboreous glory.

Aside from all the romantic goop, this is a magnificent example of a transitional space shaped by an unexpected juxtaposition of nature and industry.  Here they are in concert; working together to create a memorable space full of wonder.

Found this gem Via Inhabitat

See also via Pijama Surf, Meridanos, and DailyMail

Photos © Oleg Gordienko / Amos Chapple / Rex Features


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