8 Favorites from Dwell on Design

We’re back from the 2012 Dwell on Design show, full of inspiration and ideas from tons of great designers who spent the weekend sharing their vision and expertise with the enthusiastic, design savvy crowd. In our quest for modern life enhancing products, we came across a few that really stood out that we wanted to share with you.

Without further ado, here’s a look at our 8 Favorites:

Bad Beetle iPhone Case


Bad Beetle iPhone Cases

So what exactly do you do with 22,000 dead trees? Ask Larry Lipson, the Founder of Bad Beetle who managed to take those 22,000 dead trees on his property and craft durable lightweight cases for mobile devices that stunningly highlight the blue and silvery streaking the beetles leave behind inside of the Ponderosa Pine tree. The culprit behind these dead trees is the invasive and destructive Mountain Pine Beetle, which has destroyed over 70,000 square miles of forest across the Rocky Mountains alone since 2000.  While researchers scramble to study the beetle and find ways to curb its destruction, it’s nice to know that there are designers out there who are making the most of the otherwise tragic situation. You can take a look at  Bad Beetle’s nifty Apple cases here. For more information about the destructive Mountain Pine Beetle:

Urbio Modular Planters

“Vertical, magnetic, modular and versatile”, pretty much sums up these creative planters. These vessels allow for gardeners to bring walls to life while simultaneously organizing odds-and-ends, creating a lush focal point in any room of the house. Urbio is a collaboration between Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team. This modular wall planting system utilizes large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold a variety of weights to your wall and allow for rearranging on a whim. While the show display was packed with succulents, the planting possibilities are endless.  I picked up a set for my home office and could see them being great for any little gardeners in the house!   Check Urbio’s Modern Planters here

OboRain Shower

Who doesn’t love an outdoor shower? You’ve got to admit, there’s just something extra-invigorating about scrubbing up to a bird’s song. Easy to assemble and plumb, these mahogany wood showers will beckon you after a long summer afternoon. Come winter, you can break the whole thing down and store it inside. We particularly appreciated that Jim and Kristen are beginning to consider solar hot water and rainwater harvesting inter-tie in their future designs.  Take a look at the OboRain Outdoor Shower

Ecor Fiber Building Material

Water + Fiber + Heat + Pressure = One Awesome Building Material. Ecor is a new material that uses natural fiber, recycled materials and wood bi-products to create a super-strong, lightweight fiberboard that can be used to build almost anything you could dream of. The exciting part about this material is not only the versatility of applications, but also the big picture thinking going on behind the scenes in the company that produces it.  There’s an interesting promo video on their website explaining a bit more about how this product is created and the multitude of benefits to the communities and businesses that use it. 

David Trubridge Lights

David Trubridge’s glowing orbs of geometric light are stunning.  Mimicking organic lines found in nature, his playful lights illuminate any space. Both indoor and outdoor lights are available and come from a sustainable supply of New Zealand wood. While only a few models were at the show, you can take a look on his website for his full line of lighting and furniture designs.




Shades of Green LA & Terra Trellis Walkway

A partnership created this playful circular walkway using climbing vines and metal arches by Terra Trellis. You’ll have to use your imagination about what this walkway will look like when the climbers begin to cover the arches, but the idea is engaging and interesting. Imagine walking through the arches in full bloom, or hiding out in the shade on a hot day.

Cricket Trailer

Just walking past this pop-up trailer, your mind immediately begins to plan for your next long weekend adventure. Lightweight, athletic and customized, The Cricket begs to be hitched to your car and be called “base camp”.  Perfect for cross-country travels, coast exploring and a summer of planned un-planning.  Sound like fun? We think so too. Learn more about the Cricket Trailer here

EIS Seating Pebbles

Whimsical, practical and sculptural. These colorful seating pebbles immediately grab attention and invite you to take a seat as they blur the lines between art and function. Useful both indoors and outdoors, they come in wood, cast stone, fabric or fiberglass. While I couldn’t help but think to myself “Oh, this must be what it was like for ‘little Miss.Muffett who sat on her Tuffet'”, I also couldn’t help thinking how perfect they would be in a park, by the pool, or in a children’s library. Look here for more information on the sculptural seating pebbles




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