Illuminating the Landscape: Light Installations of Barry Underwood

The landscape is the stage for American artist, Barry Underwood.  One of his latest works, Brush Brook (pictured above) was approached in much the same way as his other pieces.  Each photograph is a documentation of a full-scale installation that is built on-site in the landscape and transformed by infusing sculptured light.  Much like a cinematographer, he uses illusion, imagination, and narrative to “explore the potential of the ordinary.”  The result is a surreal photographic story waiting to illuminate the imagination.

Ferns for Francesca, 2012

Trace Yellow, 2008

Blue Line, 2010

Fish II, 2003

via DesignBoom + Beautiful/Decay

Barry Underwood is represented by Johansson Projects

Photo Credit: © 2012 Barry Underwood. All right reserved. Images may not be copied without express written permission of the artist.

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